The cARTel
young fashion designers under one roof

When I came across this place I immediately knew I had to share this!

The cARTel is a fashion showroom initially in Al Quoz and now moved over to the Design District. The founders of this place had the great idea to create a platform for young fashion designers where they can sell and promote their collections, hence helping them to get started.

I know many designers who have magnificent ideas and designs, but don't know how to promote and sell their items. This retail showroom and online shop offers a great solution.

Good to know for you: This is a place where you can find really exclusive pieces, both by local as well as international designers. And they don't cost a fortune.
For what you get, the prices are really good, ranging from around 200 to 1000 AED for accessories, and 700 to 2000 AED for the clothing.
These are not famous brands, but rather one off pieces.

The cARTel really is a must for all fashionistas. If you want to stand out, and are fed up wearing what everyone else has, then you should try this place.

The products are both extravagant evening pieces, as well as daily wear. The founders really are trying to find a good mix and to offer fashion that is wearable. They will also guide the designers and tell them what works well in the UAE - keep in mind, we are still not London or New York when it comes to fashion...

Walking into the showroom is an experience, and be prepared to be treated like a special customer!

Enjoy your visit, and I hope you will take home a really unique piece!

For more information, opening times etc., visit the website of the cARTel at

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