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I have decided to expand my shopping tips, and will now also offer reviews on restaurants and other places to spend time at!

As with all my other "shopping secrets", the same rules apply:
I am not going to write about outlets everyone already knows. Instead, the focus should be on places which are maybe not in a very exposed location, or which are new to the market.
Insider tips, which I have discovered by word of mouth or by coincidence, and which I believe are worthwhile sharing and trying out!

I have tested them all myself to be able to give you very personal reviews.

One word of warning though: I am vegetarian, going vegan, so some reviews might be a bit biased... 

And I will probably not be able to tell you how the meat or the seafood tastes like unless someone accompanying told me about it ... nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy reading on!

  • Want to spend time outdoors at the beach? Head to Bait al Bahar next to Dubai Offshore Sailing Club for amazing views!
  • My friend recently launched Cafe Confetti in JLT, and it has quickly become the place for moms to meet - enjoy your coffee while the little ones are playing! Without paying a fortune for the indoor play area. Cafe Confetti is also extremely popular for birthday parties - Thanh's homemade cakes are simply delicious and look amazing.

If you have any insider tips you would like to share, please contact me so I can add them too.

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