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Have you heard of Garderobe yet? A hotspot for pre-loved designer fashion and branded items, this villa on Jumeirah Beach Road is a must for all of Dubai's fashionistas!

I heard about it from a friend, and spontaneously decided to try it out. I was very surprised! Especially when I discovered that the shop is not only on the ground floor of the villa, but that the designer wear covers two entire floors and several rooms!

Also surprising were the prices - I am not the kind who will spend thousands of Dirhams on branded items. But I left the shop with several clothes all in the range of 100 to 200 AED, so there is really something for everyone.

As you can see from the picture, the shop interior is lovely and homely. They carry a wide range of pre-loved designer fashion, clothing and accessories: handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, scarves, clothes, etc.

What I really like is that all the items are in a great condition, and because they are branded items, you can expect good quality and nice fabrics. So instead of buying many cheap clothes in the malls, I would rather invest my money in a few good and classy pieces which last me much longer, and which I enjoy wearing.

And in the case of a handbag or shoes, you save so much money when buying these second hand! And you get a real one, not a fake! A worthy investment.

And guess what? If you treat the handbag well, you might even bring it back once you are tired of it, let the shop sell it on commission, and you get another one instead! You can't do that with any cheap handbag.

Where can you find the pre-loved designer fashion?

Jumeirah Beach Road is so long, I always have to think twice when I want to remember the exact location of Garderobe, so it's good I write it down here:

Garderobe is just at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, on the beach side of Jumeirah Beach Road.

That is between Manara street and Umm al Sheif Road (which is the road of Umm Suqueim Spinneys).

On the picture you can see what the villa looks like from outside, you will see the big Garderobe sign when passing it just park in front of the house.

Should you need assistance, give them a call on +971 4 3942753

And if you do not want to drive there, check out their new online store at, it comes all with home delivery and cash on delivery.

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