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I have already been many times to the Posh Paws animal sanctuary, the first time when they where still located in Ajman, but even more so often since they moved to Al Khawaneej, which is only a 20 minutes drive from most parts of Dubai.

I myself love animals, and want my children to grow up knowing about all kinds of animals too and spending time outdoors.

What I love about this animal sanctuary is not only the fact that they have saved many animals from tough and sometimes cruel situations. Also that the atmosphere at this petting zoo is so relaxed.

You can touch and feed most of the animals, enter their enclosures, and many of them like the ducks, chicken and even ostrichs simply walk around freely between the people. Every now and then the goats will also jump over the fence to see if there is any better food available outside, and just go back when they like.

For anyone in this sometimes hectic city, it is simply refreshing to be able to spend some time in nature, and the kids just love it.

The petting zoo is not very large, which also means you don't have to walk long ways, but yet, because it is so full of animals, it is definitely not boring!

They have ponies, cows, deer, goats, parrots, monkeys, chicken and duck, tortoises, rabbits, and lots more, mostly pets which have been left behind or abandoned farm animals.

And if you need a break, just take a seat on their benches and chairs to snack on your picnic. By the way, at the moment they are not selling any food or drinks, so bring your own.

Although they only charge a mere 20 AED entrance fee, it is worthwhile keeping in mind that this is charity work. The team is serving a great cause, not only by rescuing the animals, but also by educating the public about animals, for example they often go into schools to teach children.

Birthday parties at Posh Paws

You can also celebrate your children's birthday in this unique location - contact the Posh Paws team to inquire about availability and prices. Let the kids have fun and a very special birthday!

And of course, if you are looking to adopt a new pet, rather than buying an animal in a shop, first check out if Posh Paws haven't got what you are looking for - they also have many cats and dogs, but they are located in other kennels, not in the petting zoo. Go to their website or Facebook page for more information on fostering or adopting an animal, and also for opening timings of the petting zoo.


You can simply enter the GPS coordinates into your navigation system:

GPS coordinates:
N 25.219812
E 55.465336

Or use Google Maps to find them. The farm is located in Al Khawaneej, near the Dubai Municipality Vet Clinic and behind Mushrif Park. Please note that currently there is no signboard outside. You will sometimes see their trailer parked outside. The gate is covered in brown fabric and needs to always remain closed so the animals can't walk out.

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