Finding picture frames
in Dubai

You wouldn't think that it is difficult to find picture frames in Dubai, would you? But for some reason his is a search that can sometimes be quite frustrating.

There are plenty of shops that on the sidelines also sell some photo frames. And if you like them, great! But sometimes you just want something simple or in a specific size and then they don't have it!

Of course you could go to Satwa and get something custom made. Which is what you need to do for very large pictures or frames in an odd size.

However if what you are looking for is just a simple 5 x 7", 8 x 10" frame or any similar and pretty regular size, you don't want to have to drive to Satwa and wait a week for a frame which will not be cheap either.

So, the shop which I can recommend to you is just a simple Kodak Express, but this specific branch in Umm Suqeim seems to have a much larger choice of picture frames in Dubai than the others.

Located in the small shopping mall of the Umm Suqeim Spinneys in Umm Al Sheif Road, this shop is one of the typical Photo Magic where you can have your print outs done or come for a passport picture. 

But they really have a good selection of picture frames and albums, too. Just the nice and simple wooden, black, white or silver frames, but also some a bit more special.

Seriously, knowing all the other branches which usually just feature a very small number of ugly frames, I would not have expected this assortment.

And I am telling you, if you need a frame for any of your pictures in the future, start by looking here, it might save you a longer search!

How to find it?

As I mentioned, this Kodak Express is located inside the Spinneys Mall on Umm Al Sheif Road, in fact just around the corner from the little garden shop which you can read about more here.

From Sheikh Zayed Road, take exit 45 between Al Safa and Al Manara, and the little mall will be on your left hand side at the next traffic light where you cross Al Wasl Road.

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