Outdoors in the UAE

I love spending time outdoors and like to frequently discover new and old things to do.

Many people complain that in Dubai, due to the lack of greenery and "nature", there isn't that much to do, but I would like to show you the opposite!

Making use of the different possibilities we have here, be it desert, sea, or even artificial outdoors, there are still plenty of things to discover!

  • Posh Paws petting zoo is one of my favourite places to spend time with the kids and let them experience animals and nature.
  • Global Village is the place where I go every winter to buy gifts and souvenirs, to take guests and family for a fun evening out, and to just take in all the flavours, smells and lots of impressions from this cosmopolitan city!
  • Have you been to Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi yet? Not far from Dubai, it is well worth a visit for the whole family!
  • Butterfly garden! I just read about this new concept which is soon opening doors and will keep you updated on the development. It sounds exciting!

I will add more places and activities in the coming days, please bare with me as this is a new section.

Have you got any great tips in mind? Please share them with me via info@dubai-shopping-secrets.com or the form below!

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