A Mermaid costume
that looks so real

Have you ever dreamt of swimming like a mermaid? The original Magictail costumes from Germany are now also available in Dubai, allowing your dreams to come true!

With a pattern design based on fish skin, it looks absolutely real, and is made of a very high quality material.

Maybe you have already seen them in the Palm Jumeirah Kempinski Residence pool or Wafi Pharaoh's - there were some birthday parties where all the girls were wearing this tail. They were swimming together and seemed to have a lot of fun.

The costumes are recommended for children with a minimum height of 120 cm or aged 7 and above  - an age when it is anyways hard to find good gifts that make them truly happy. This gift not only makes them feel like in a fairytale, it also engages them and is fun and sports at the same time.

But the costumes are not only for kids, even adults can have fun with them. And they really are good exercise, too.

One of the mummies said that her daughter, since using the tail, has improved her strength, speed and swimming technique tremendously. Her swimming teacher even asked her what she had done during the summer holidays.

The set is made up of 3 pieces:
The bikini top, the tail made from a very durable and flexible material, and the monofin, which you use for swimming inside the costume.

The Monofin is designed ergonomically in the best way to:

  • Provide a solid foothold that does not hurt during swimming (unlike some cheaper costumes)
  • to fit in the tail skin without slack
  • The skin does not create a bulky look around the feet and ankles
  • The tail skin perfectly fits around the legs without crumbles and folds
  • It is one of the lightest monofins on the market which makes it easy to move

How to get a mermaid costume?

Mermaidubai is the official UAE distributor for the German Magictail GmbH Germany, selling it at the same price and with warranty on the product.
The costume is available in 5 different colours.

Send an email for more details and prices, or visit their website at www.mermaidubai.com and get the tail delivered right to your home!

Follow them on Pintrest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more pictures, updates and special offers.

One word of warning also:

It is not a swimming aid and the person who uses it should be able to swim under water and be comfortable in deep water.

Mermaid Party

Yes, that's right!
Theme this gift with the perfect party!
The same person selling this tails, is also an event organizer specialized in childrens party decorations.. how convenient!

Seriously, have a look at the pictures, and this is something that interests you, send an email for more details and prices.

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