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How best to describe Native Nukkad? You can find funky home decor, cushions, bags, coasters, trays, table mats, gifts, even clothes and beachwear. But it is not a normal shop - this is a cozy place, hidden away in a small alley in Jumeirah, where you may as well sit and drink a cup of chai while shopping around...

It was pure coincidence that brought me there the first time. And I was pleasantly suprised by what I saw.

A garage, turned into a funky little retail store by Indian lady Anamika Kumar. You can see that she spent a lot of joy and energy into finding all her special pieces.

Sometimes you can also find her at some markets. The above image gives you an idea the funky items she carries.

Most of the pieces are from India, but at the same time they are international, and so colourful that it cheers you up just to look at them! There is Buddha's, Riksha's, but also many European designs.

Native Nukkad is definitely a great tip if you are looking for a nice gift. Here you will get something unusual, and let me tell you, not at all expensive!

Just contact Anamika before you head down there to make sure somebody is there to open the door for you:

You can call her on +971 50 6250 910

She will also give you exact directions - it is not far from Mercato Shopping Mall.

If you want to keep up to date with her latest funky home decor, follow her page on Facebook

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