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Dubai is a glamourous city, and fashion lovers will find a scene that is developing rapidly. While some years ago there were only a few malls in the city, there is now a much larger selection of boutiques and new brands.

But there are also many young fashion designers creating new collections, meaning you don't have to wear hand-me-down clothes. On the other hand, to be exclusive, you also don't have to spend fortunes!

Try some of these places to get some cool fashion and accessories which are extravagant, non-standard and yet not overpriced:

  • Garderobe is a great shop on Jumeirah Beach Road for pre-loved designer fashion and accessories, either to buy or even to sell your own designer pieces! If you haven't been there yet, you must read on!
  • The cARTel is a retail showroom in Al Quoz with exclusive fashion - they feature young local and international designers, and offer them a platform to sell their products. A must for all fashion lovers!
  • Personalized cufflinks are a great accessory to go along your shirt or as a nice present for your partner. They are not expensive, and you can order them via email.

More ideas will soon follow, and I also look forward to receive your own recommendations! Email me at

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