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Dubai is a popular place to buy an engagement ring or a wedding band.
Although prices for gold and diamonds are a worldwide standard, the zero tax policy and low manufacturing costs make the final price for jewelery very competitive.

GIA certified diamonds for your engagement ring

Therefore, many tourists fly here specifically to have their diamond rings done.

Once you reach Dubai however, which shop will you trust to give you the perfect ring at the best rate? How can you spend your money safely and at the same time get the very best product for your loved one?

House of Windsor Jewellers

I have recently been recommended House of Windsor in Gold and Diamond Park by a good friend who got the engagement ring for his fiance done there. I also went to see the shop and speak to the owner myself, and he showed me lots of souvenirs from happy customers!

They are specialized in engagement and wedding rings, and combine them with a large offering of certified diamonds or natural colourful gemstones such as sapphire and opals.

Therefore, you can rest assured in their expertise and qualification that they will help you choose the best ring for your budget and preferences.

You can either have your ring completely custom made - email them a picture before flying to Dubai to get an immediate quote - or choose from their range of ready made rings.

They keep (empty) rings ready on display if you don't have much time, which means you can simply choose the stone and just have it adjusted in the setting.

Remember, by letting you see the diamond first from all sides, you can be assured that you are getting a perfect stone, and not one which flaws have been hidden behind prongs in an already set band!

Engagement ring settings waiting for the diamond at House of Windsor in Dubai

Specialized in engagement rings

What are other reasons to buy from House Windsor?

  • They have their own manufacturing located in the same Gold and Diamond Park. Your jewellery can therefore be ready in as fast as 1 day, sometimes 2 to 3 days depending on the design. Any changes can be quickly done.
  • Choose from any metal - gold, white gold, silver, rose silver, platinum... you name it.
  • Their prices are competitive. Yes, Gold and Diamond Park has several shops to choose from, but if you compare, you will see some differences, also in the prices.
  • The store has been renovated in summer 2015. I like the bright atmosphere, the colours and the comfortable seating.
  • The shop is not as overcrowded as some others - you can expect very personal attention and service, and will most of the times also find the owner Mehul Joshi himself there!

Reach him easily via mobile or email for any queries:

House of Windsor Jewellers
Mobile +971 50 889 3934
Tel. +971 4 340 8324
Shop No. 31 in Gold and Diamond Park

Gold and Diamond Park is located close to Mall of Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road, right at the First Gulf Bank Metro Station. It is quick and easy to reach from anywhere in the city.

Visit their website to see samples of previous work.

Also, if you have been to the store, it would be great if you can tell us about your experience and leave a comment below!

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