A recommendation for Deira Gold Souk

I honestly struggled with Deira Gold Souk for a long time.
This is the traditional place to go if you are looking to get any kind of jewellery in Dubai. But it has such an overwhelming variety of shops that I used to be unsure which jeweller to trust.

Finally a friend told me about Mamiya Jewellery, and after reading only excellent reviews on Tripadvisor, I decided to give it a try, since I was anyways looking for a birthday present for my sister.

Now I am happy to finally be able to recommend a gold shop in Deira.

Deira Gold Souk Mamiya Jewellers

Mamiya Jewellery in Deira Gold Souk

What I really liked about my shopping experience here:

  • Location:
    It was so easy to find - right at the entrance to the Deira Gold Souk, I did not even have to enter the busy alleys! I will give you more details on the directions at the bottom. The picture above also gives you a very good idea of their location.

  • Valet service:
    As they knew I was coming, I did not have to park my car, which can be a real struggle in this area. I just drove up in front of the store, and one of the sales managers valet parked my car! Wow, it makes such a difference if you reach completely stress free. The parking used to be another reason for me not to come to the souk often.

  • First thing in the shop then, Tony - the owner - offered to have my rings polished and cleaned for free while I was choosing the new jewellery. More great service!

  • Their jewellery:
    You could say that they cater more for the Western taste, so if you are looking for chunky Asian jewellery, there might be other more specialized stores.

    For me, being German, there were plenty of things I liked. They have both imported jewellery (a lot from Turkey with the latest filigree patterns, as well as Italian jewellery) and also make their own using any material you like: yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum, etc.

    Furthermore, note that they also sell diamond solitaire engagement and wedding bands at wholesale prices. Which brings me to the following point.

  • The prices:
    The gold price is defined by the latest international rate, but Mamiya's making charges are not very high, which makes the jewellery price very competitive. Also, take into consideration that shop rents in Deira are lower than for example at the Gold and Diamond Park which is run by Emaar. Not hard to guess that it is in the old Gold Souk where you will probably make the better deal.
Mamiya Jewellery in the old Dubai Gold Souk
I bought one of the existing bracelets, but you can also get your own jewellery custom made within 2 or 3 days. Visit the store or email them pictures beforehand to let them know what you are looking to get and to receive a quote.

Another important point to note: Mamiya Jewellery are open straight through from 10am to 10pm. They don't close in the afternoon like most other shops in Deira.

That is important to know, because the best time to get there without much traffic is between 1 to 4pm, saving you lots of time on the road.

Afterwards, you still have enough time to enjoy the souks, the buzz of the area, or have a relaxing dinner at the water edge in Heritage Village. Reach there via the traditional abra boats, or take the pedestrian tunnel to the other side of the creek.

Contacts and Directions

The contact details for Mamiya Jewellery are as follows:

Tel: +971 55 435 0088

You can find Mamiya Jewellery right at the entrance where the wooden canopy of the Deira Gold Souk starts when you are coming from the street that leads past Gold Center building, e.g. from the Fish Market side. I have marked it on Google Maps to help you:

The shop is exactly where the pin is dropped.
Use Google Maps above to plan your route.
Also note that the Al Ras Metro station is not far. That is another convenient way to get here, and within 10 min walking you will have reached the store.

If you are a tourist and staying in a hotel without a car, Mamiya will arrange for you to be picked up and dropped back at the hotel. I was amazed at all the efforts they make to give you an enjoyable experience. Let them know what you are looking for and when you want to come, so they can arrange your transport.

You have to admit, quite a few reasons to choose Mamiya Jewellery!

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