Customized silver jewelry by Lia Staehlin

I first met Lia in early 2014 at a fashion exhibition with her customized silver jewelry.
And though no expert myself, I could see that her work is different from the other usual stores. You could say, Lia's work has a more personal touch!

Lia is a German expat who has been in the United Arab Emirates since many years. She made an apprenticeship as a goldsmith and later studied jewelry design at the university of applied science in Pforzheim, Germany. So she really knows her job.

In Japan she learned about the healing forces of stones, and is still incorporating this knowledge in her art, using precious stones which will either give you energy, or calm you down.

Her childhood dream of princesses of 1001 nights wearing precious jewelry eventually has brought her to the UAE, where she has even won a Contemporary Finished Jewellery Piece Award for an Orchid jewelry set which she customized for Her Highness Sheikha Hana al Qassimi.

Lia also gives regular courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where you can learn how to make your own pieces of jewelry! She will teach you how to craft and work with materials like silver.
For up to date classes, visit her website on

So why should you get your customized silver jewelry from her?

Because she will really listen to what you want!

Because she is very experienced and you can be assured the piece you wish for will be exacty what you get!

She can work with gold, silver, diamonds and all precious stones to create whichever idea you have in mind!

Her prices are great for the quality, and she can fit almost anything into your budget.

Simply email for a quote today to get your customized silver jewelry!

What I also really liked is that she constantly comes up with new creative ideas!

Did you notice the necklace on the top image? She made a necklace out of the Dubai Expo logo!

And her latest idea is to create jewelry incorporating your horses' mane hair. Sounds strange at first, but looks amazing and it is such a nice keepsake!

I think I will get one done myself!

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