A butterfly park in the desert

Have you already been to the butterfly park in the desert? Yes, Dubai is not short of crazy ideas! 

I was really looking forward to visiting it when I first read about it.

Of course, due to the climate this is an all indoors park, which makes it a refreshing place to go in summer. Build inside nine domes at Miracle Garden in Dubailand, there are 35,000 butterflies flying around!

The butterflies are of all breeds and fancy colours, living in their natural habitat in these domes.

It is said that this is the second largest of such parks, after Malaysia.

Since the lifespan of butterflies is only between 14 and 26 days, there is a special breeding facility in Al Ain to supply enough animals! This explains also why you will always find a few dead butterflies lying around. The staff is busy cleaning them up, but I guess you can't avoid this view completely.

Miracle Garden, which is adjacent to the butterfly park, is another recent development: a flower garden in the desert with lots of features and attractions.

If you plan to visit the Butterfly gardens, the best timing is between 9am to latest 3pm. The first time I went at around 4pm and most animals were sleeping, it was not as I had expected it. So keep that important timing in mind, the butterflies go to sleep in the afternoon!!

The area is located more or less opposite Arabian Ranches - just behind the flyover connecting Umm Suqueim Street with Motorcity / Al Qudra Road.

Find here the official location map to Butterfly park and Miracle garden.

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