Passion Jewellers in
Gold & Diamond Park

If you enter the Gold & Diamond Park, you cannot miss Passion Jewellers! This shop, which is located right at the main entrance, should not be overlooked!

What sets them apart from others?

Most other jewellery shops are resellers which means that they have go to the Jewellery wholesalers on consignment to update their inventory. Passion Jewellers have the capability to purchase and manufacture their own jewellery which gives them flexibility as local jewelers and means they can carefully selected the best jewels.

Passion offers a wide range of Certified and Loose Diamonds from GIA, HRD & IGI, set in 18k Gold, White Gold & Platinum. This means, you can trust in that the stones you receive will all be real and do not need to worry about the quality of a diamond if you are, like myself, not an expert! They also offer a wide collection of Precious Gem Stones and Tahitian pearls.

They specialize in Diamond Solitaries, Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, and Cocktail Rings.

Passion customizes jewellery as per your requirements with worldwide delivery to all clients.

This means, if you are just a visitor to Dubai, you can still have your ring or jewellery custom-made, and then get it delivered to your home.

Their workshop is also based in Gold & Diamond Park, so all your wishes and amendments can be done immediately. And, by manufacturing their own jewellery, they can offer you exclusive handmade pieces just as per your own designs!

If you every wanted to get a special piece done, why not do so now?

Please also visit for more information
the Passion Jewellers official website

I hope this recommendations was helpful for you and you will enjoy your new piece of jewellery!

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