Health and Beauty

Health is one more of the topics on which I would like to share with you my shopping secrets and places to go to in Dubai!

It is a very broad section and I can never cover all these places, so again, bear with me, and I will be adding more and more ideas to this section.

I also always like to hear your suggestions - contact me or drop me a note at the bottom of the page if you have any places you want me to add here.

  • If you want to keep yourself and your family healthy, start with the right food. Organic Store and Cafe is by now an established institution, making sure we eat healthy, free from pesticides and hormones. They started with one, then two stores, and now also distribute many of their foods in supermarkets, to make them more widely available.

More ideas coming soon...
Meanwhile, check out our other sections, like restaurants to go to or plants to make your life greener.

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