Sweet Nuggets - sweet fabrics!

Sweet Nuggets is a new start up company with some great ideas!

Mainly: a shopping cart cover. Using beautiful fabrics combined with jeans to keep it sturdy yet great looking, this cover will keep your little one clean and snuggled during your next visit to the supermarket.
Forget wiping that disgusting seat with your pocket disinfectant.. now you don't have to worry about your child sitting in the trolley any more!

But she also offers a variety of other products, like blankets in different designs in colours, or fabric key chains with a pocket and in nice animal designs.

All items can be customized as per your ideas, and can also be personalized with the child's name or other text.

And the prices are affordable, too!

If you want to see more pictures of her products and get the latest updates on what's on offer, as well as stay updated n which markets you can see the products, check out the Sweet Nugget facebook page.

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