Explore the softer side of summer fashion for kids

By Mini Exchange

Try a new trend this summer by making softer and cooler colour choices for your kids. Take a minimalistic approach to your child’s wardrobe and create a fresh colour palette of soft pastels, airy shades, and light hues.

Keep cool this summer by exploring the lighter side of the colour spectrum. Understated swatches are often overlooked in favour of their striking, bold counterparts, but they have a lot to offer. By simply adding a handful of pale brights, cool pastels, and neutral colours to your child’s wardrobe, you can mix and match to create an entirely new summer collection.

This fashionable trend can be inspired by so many examples in everyday life. Milkshakes and ice-creams remind us of something cold and refreshing, and they offer a lovely array of possible colours to choose from. The same goes for marshmallows and candy floss, which inspire thoughts of sweet and fun memories, as well as soft cloud-shaped treats. Speaking of clouds, nature is also an ideal source of ideas. Clear, blue skies with light, puffy clouds makes us think of a fresh, cool breeze.

Softer summer fashion for girls

When it comes to little girls, the variations are endless. Instead of wearing jeans, opt for something cooler like a flowy skirt, or some lightweight shorts. Pair that with a cute tee or button-up shirt. Look for garments that breathe well, like cotton. Throw on a pair of sandals or comfy plimsolls to complete the look.

Softer summer fashion for boys

Trousers and jeans are not practical for active little boys in the summer. Shorts and cargo pants will serve them well. Add a funky tee or a lightweight button shirt with a cool print. As with the girls, sandals and plimsolls are functional and you can get them in a variety of colours to suit this trend.

This particular trend of ethereal colours and pigments will look great on any child. Have fun with it by adding accessories, like sunglasses, hats, belts, and more!

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