Star4eternity: dedicate a star to your loved one

Star4eternity: The idea may not be new, but the way it is presented definitely is.
This brand new project, originated from Dubai, allows you to not only dedicate a star as a gift - like with a diamond, there are many different categories and levels of brightness available, which will change the price of "your" star and your present, and make it truly unique.

This is a great present for a wedding anniversary, valentine's day, moms' or your wife's birthday, maybe even as a reminder for someone who had to part? If you are looking for a special present, something unique and which your loved one has not got yet, this is it!

If you decide to go for this creative and romantic gift, you will receive a beautiful wooden box, which, when you open it, shows your "star shining bright like a diamond" - a crystal stone which lights up and makes opening the box a real surprise.

On the inside of the box, a gold plate carries the coordinates of the star you chose. These can be defined by constellation - choose a star from the constellation or sign of zodiac your loved one was born in.

The team behind this star project has been closely cooperating with the UAE's leading astronomer, Hasan Hariri, to develop their idea. Hence, his video "Journey into the universe" is included in the gift.

What's also quite unique about their approach is having all the stars of the universe actually visible on the website - you can scroll through the night sky to choose the star you want to dedicate!

Star4Eternity VIP delivery

Another special idea is the VIP delivery - for example if you are planning to propose, or want to make the handover of the gift really special.

Send an email to the Star for eternity team by clicking here to discuss your special wishes and delivery location (only in the UAE).

Although availability of the VIP delivery is currently only available in the UAE, the product as such can be ordered and sent out worldwide via courier.

To see all the options available and find your star, visit their website at

Let me know below what you think of the idea and if you would consider such a gift! I would like to hear from you.

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