Natural supplements
by P. Jentschura

Before I tell you more about these natural supplements, let me start by saying that I am generally not a great believer in vitamin tablets, protein shakes, prenatal pills and all these other health products which you supposedly should take, but more often than not only benefit the manufacturer in a financial way.

I will rather try and focus on healthy food, a variety of vegetables and fruits, without following a special plan. I eat what I like, cook a lot at home and use fresh ingredients.

However, I have also been a vegetarian since almost 20 years, and therefore like to stay informed about vitamins and healthy eating habits, as I don't want to miss out on anything important.

During my pregnancies this factor got even more vital - suddenly, I not only had to care about myself, but also about my babies.

That's how I came across the products of P. Jentschura.
All products under this range are absolutely natural, and are meant to help you maintain your acid-base balance.

This can be through intake of natural minerals and nutrients, for example the AlkaLife natural vegetable food granules. Besides valuable pollen it contains a unique blend of 100 ingredients such as herbs, vegetables, fruit, spices, seeds and greens, giving you everything you need in one singe product, without any additives.

But you can also effectively combat acidity in your body using one of your bodies largest organs: your skin.
The mineral bath salts from Jentschura help to purify your system, and make your skin feel smooth and silky soft.

Did you know that many of the typical problems during pregnancy like water retention, heartburn, skin problems or hair loss are due to the fact that without the monthly period, your body cannot flush toxics as easily any more? 

The bath salt was the first product product I tried from their range, because I thought: well, it can't really harm to have a hot bath and relax with some salt in the water, can it?

I felt the effect immediately the next morning, when I suddenly had to run to the toilet every couple of minutes... It really has a detox effect, without draining your system, and therefore can also be really useful for people who want to add this to their detox program.

Talking of it, the range also includes a detox tea:
The fine selection of 49 ingredients in the 7x7 AlkaHerb is not only mild and digestible, but also helps your body to cleanse. This product is not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but will afterwards help you to get back into shape naturally.

Where can I get these
natural supplements?

It is impossible for me to describe here in detail all the products and their benefits of the Jentschura range. If you are interested to read more, please visit the manufacturer's website of these natural supplements, where you can read about the full range and get more details.

The distributor in GCC is LightLife DWC LLC.
You can find the price list below (click to enlarge).

If you want to order any items, or request more information or a consultation, just send an email and you will hear back soon.

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