Mini Exchange:
the platform for kids designer clothes

Have you heard of Mini Exchange yet?

This is a new online marketplace in the UAE for pre-loved and new designer kids wear. It's a very professional site where you can find designer clothes in great condition, but at probably just half the price of what they would cost new! Some are even new with the tag still on.

Clothes are available for boys and girls all the way from newborn up to 12 years.

How about for example this denim Burberry skirt for your 5 year old daughter at just 200 AED instead of the original 690 AED?

Other brands they carry on the website include Baby Dior, Armani, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, Juicy Couture, DKNY, but also Oshkosh, Nike, Roxy or Oilili, to name just a few.

Or have a look at this really cool Ralph Lauren romper for a 9 month old boy. It was only worn a few times and looks like new. And you can get this from Mini Exchange for 120 AED instead of 270 AED in stores!

And these are just two items I picked randomly, the variety available on the website is huge, and unless most other childrens second hand stores, also covers the bigger kids.

How does Mini Exchange work?

If you have any used branded items, you can have them collected from your home and the team will photograph them, add a detailed description and put them on their website. Once they are sold, both parties get a percentage. You will be asked in advance to agree with the sales price.

And if you are a parent looking to buy, its a very simple shopping cart website, but with lots of choice! The clothes are sorted into different categories to make it easier for you to browse through.

Also good to know: the team is very selective about the clothes they accept. Brands should be high end "high-street" or designer brands, not just wannabees....

The clothes need to be in perfect condition, meaning no tears, no stains, etc.

Hence if you are buying from Mini Exchange, although it is all online, you can rest assured that you will be getting good quality which has been thoroughly checked before, and of course fake items are not allowed on this site.


Well then check out and have fun browsing and shopping!

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