Dubai baby and children's shops

The list of Dubai baby shops seems almost endless... by now, there is a great variety of places all over Dubai and the UAE, catering to this huge market.

Admittedly, which parents do not like to spend money for their little ones, especially with all the nice things on sale?

Let me try and focus therefore on the special places.

Some are simply not located in the big shopping malls and therefore not yet known to everyone. Others are just some small start ups focusing on a few products, however with smart ideas and great designs, and worth having a look into:

  • Kidz Inc Dubai - this is my favourite shop in Dubai. Even long before having children myself I loved to spend time strolling around here and remembering my own childhood, looking at all the quality toys, just wanting to sit down and start playing...
  • Here is an online store called Marmarland with lots of cute decoration ideas, home accessories, toys, pretend play, gifts and lots more! Check it out if you want to give a great gift to someone or need to decorate your nursery!
  • Mini Exchange is a very professional online marketplace for designer kids wear, from newborn to 12 years old.
  • Dubai Baby Bazaar is yet another source of pre-loved clothes and toys. But not online, this is now moved to Sunset Mall and takes place every month
  • New in Dubai is an astonishing Mermaid costume - perfect for the little girl who wants to live her dream!
  • Party Centre, the huge party superstore, has now opened in Media City. A must go for any kind of party coming up.
  • Sweet Nugget is a nice small start up - handmade blankets, keychains, and, the best: a shopping cart blanket to keep your little one snuggled and clean in the grocery store. All can be personalized!

As I already mentioned the list of baby and kids shops in Dubai is huge. If you think there are more places worth mentioning, please contact me with your ideas!

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