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After living in the United Arab Emirates for several years, I have launched this page to give you new ideas and insider tips on several great shops around the country which are sometimes hidden, not well known, or difficult to find if you have not been there before.

All of them showcase unique and lovely products, often at good prices, or simply sell items you will not find anywhere else.

These are my own personal "Dubai Shopping Secrets", and I have visited each of them to give you the best ideas and true insider information.

I have to admit though that the page is not very up to date anymore. New business ideas are keeping me busy, as I have launched a new site at www.msb-connect.com.

This new page brings two other of my passions together:
Helping horses and helping humans to become better people!

Check it out if you are curious!

And as for Dubai Shopping Secrets:

If I forgot a shop and you know one that should definitely be here, or you want to tell me about your experience after visiting one of the stores - get in touch with me!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Please also have a look at my new gardening tips.

This is a section where I share some information about the plants which worked well in my garden, and those which didn't - so you don't have to try around and can save money!

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Thank you and I look forward to welcome you back.

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