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What is considered appropriate clothing for tweens and teenage girls, has always been a hot-button issue, and it’s not getting any easier. In recent years, there has been a steady increase on popular websites, of provocative clothing for young girls. It’s shocking to think that tiny hot pants, wonder-bras, and even G-string underwear, is commonly available for girls as young as five and six years of age.

The reasons for this alarming trend are countless. Common culprits are peer pressure, wanting to be popular, unhealthy ideas about what it means to be beautiful, and of course, the ubiquitous media.

To think that we can change the way the world thinks, is naïve, and quite frankly, delusional. So what can you do to prevent your little girl from leaving the house, looking like a street-walker?

Helpful tips to keep your daughter age-appropriate

It’s crucial for both parents to discuss and agree on their specific family’s values before confronting the daughter. Once you have established a set of rules that you both agree on, you can present a united front.

If your daughter argues that her friend’s parents don’t have a problem with the way she dresses, calmly explain that your family is different.

It’s okay to compromise on certain items, as long as the item in question doesn’t make up the whole outfit. For example, if your little girl wants to wear a somewhat skimpy top, tell her that she can wear it, but only if she pairs it with a pretty shawl, cute cardigan, or wrap. If she wants to wear a skirt that’s a bit short, tell her that she needs to add some tights or leggings, or at least consider skirts with a more appropriate length. Parents would have to use their own discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Teach your daughter how to recognize media tactics that attempt to entice young girls to dress in outfits more suitable for adults. Explain that just because the media is just trying to push product, and they cannot be trusted to be a good influence. Help them to understand this by showing them actual examples of where the media is wrong. In this day and age, you won’t have to look hard.

Your daughter will, in all likelihood, call you old-fashioned. Explain to her that fashion doesn’t determine beauty. Try to instill good values at a young age, and teach her that there is more to beauty and femininity than fashion. Explain that more important things, such as personality, charisma, and sense of humour, are what makes them beautiful.

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