Chop Suey Restaurant
in Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza

Chop Suey is a newly opened restaurant (January 2014) in Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza.

Their great strength is undeniably the quality of food. Be it a soup, salad or main dish, all the way to the desserts, you can immediately taste the freshness of the ingredients and the fact that this is not just fast food.

What I also really liked is the background to it. Knowing that this is not a chain like most others, but that the story behind is very personal and that this restaurant is run with passion, makes the food even better!

Chop Suey was founded by two friends, Diana Debley and Dina Spahi-Rifai. Both working women and mothers of two children respectively, their idea was to set up a casual Chinese restaurant which offers healthy food and fresh ingredients for the whole family.

You can of course have all of the dishes for take away and delivery as well.

Chop Suey can highly be recommended to tourists and residents alike - because of its location just opposite Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai's main public beach park, I am sure this is a great option for tourists. After a long day at the beach, just walk to the other side of the road to enjoy healthy and tasty food, not just the burgers and fries offered in the park...

Prices are reasonable, especially considering the quality of the food. Soups for example range from 22 to 35 AED, but portions are huge! Main dishes are 45 AED for the chicken & duck, 65 AED for seafood, 25 to 30 AED for vegetarian dishes. That is absolutely family friendly!

Party Packs at Chop Suey

Another great idea on the menu are the party packs - if you have friends coming over, don't bother shopping and cooking. You don't even have to worry about who likes to eat what - simply get the party packs delivered to your house, and the restaurant team will make sure you get a selection of all the great dishes! These packages start for example at 580 AED - that feeds 6 to 8 people, making it less than 100 AED each.

I really had a good time here and will definitely be back for more great Chinese food!

Even the dessert is worth the trip... the crispy banana fritters (see the picture above) were delicious...

Make sure you also try the crispy mixed mushrooms Manchurian style - very unusual, but a great idea and taste.

By the way, did you know?

Chop Suey, the dish, is thought to have originated in California, not in China. Food historians speculate that Chinese cooks in the United States, seeking to sell Chinese food to Westerners, but lacking many of the traditional ingredients, created this dish out of necessity. The name means "mixed pieces"... So, in that same tradition, and also because Dina herself was born in California, this restaurant offers a true Californian style version of Chinese food...

But of course, the cook they hired is a real Chinese!

To see the full menu, and also to order your home delivery, please visit
They deliver in Jumeirah, Business Bay, Al Safa, DIFC, Downtown and west of Sheikh Zayed Road.

And if you want to dine in, it is very easy to find: Beach Park Plaza is on Jumeirah Beach Road, right opposite the beach park.

Just turn early enough into the service road, and then you can park your car for free on the parking in front of that little mall (just get a stamp from the restaurant).

They are located on the ground floor mall, and are open from 11:30 AM until midnight.

Enjoy the food!

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