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I found her by coincidence and then bought almost all clothing from there: Baby Chic is an online boutique offering a very personalized service, and second hand clothes as well as other items for your little one. But no need to hesitate: The owner pre-selects all items and will make sure that they are all in top condition.

Hence the clothes which you can buy here are all guarantueed spot free, clean, and with hardly any wear and tear. Furthermore, the focus is on brands and big names, no cheap goods will make it to the list.

All parents know it: You buy lots of sweet and lovely clothes, get many more as a gift, and when trying to wear them more than once the baby has already outgrown them. Before you know it you end up with a wardrobe full of unworn clothes which are too small.

Some might not even be worn at all! Hence this boutique also ends up with brand new clothes still wearing price tags.

So instead of wasting a lot of money, check out the website of Baby Chic Online to see the latest products available.

You have different ways to get them:

  • You can order online
  • You can pick up the items from Dubai Marina and see the full range available
  • Or you can even ask Rekha to come to your house - especially with a newborn this can be a great option and will ease your stress. And isn't that much better than taking a small baby to a shopping mall? Or why not invite your friends and other new mothers over for a get together of selecting new clothes?

To get in touch with Baby Chic either visit their website, contact Rekha via or directly on her mobile at +971 (0) 50738427.

Enjoy the shopping!

You will be surprised how many great new (old) clothes you can buy for the same amount that would probably only get you 3 or 4 brand new romplers in the shopping mall!

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