Vintage charm: Lovely in Lace

By Mini Exchange

Lace is a classic fabric commonly associated with princess dresses or wedding gowns. It appears to be very formal and time-honoured but there is a whole new concept about lace that makes it more wearable on normal days, especially for kids. With its comeback, lace has been reinvented in so many ways that it has become a part of street and comfy styles. If you are interested in playing with lacing styles to get that vintage charm on your kids, then here are some ideas on how to pull it off.

Coloured lace

Forget about black and white. Lace dresses for girls work best in bright colours like red, blue, yellow or pink, that can match your little girl’s energy. Coloured lace also looks more relaxed. Match it with neutral accessories and the look will be perfect.

Minimalist versus Maximalist

Choose lace patterns combined with solid fabrics like nylon or leather. In addition, they can also appear in contrast to heavier fabrics or sporty looks.

Stick to one

When mixing and matching, it is better to stick to one lace garment, like a top or skirt.  Perhaps, a lace top worn with denim trousers and a pair of sneakers. This will save your child from looking like they’ve just stepped out of their grandma’s closet.

Keep it cool

Never be afraid to add a personal touch when dressing up. If your little one is new to lace styles and you’re not sure if she’ll be comfortable in it, try a lace dress topped with a denim jacket. This will loosen up the vibe of the outfit and make her more relaxed. Mix it up with contrasting textures depending on her preference. You can also use jumpers or cardigans, or even blazers. Feel free to chop and change, lacing styles are pretty flexible.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate your child’s day-to-day style with a classic, delicate vibe. It’s fun to feel the vintage charm sometimes.

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