Helpful Tips to Save on School Uniforms

By Mini Exchange

Shopping for school uniforms can be quite complicated and frustrating if you need something more than the basic khakis and polo shirt. If it’s your first time uniform shopping, it can be quite overwhelming. Where should you buy? How much can you expect to spend? These are questions you will find yourself asking. Here are some helpful tips on shopping for school uniforms.

Where to buy

The rules and regulations differ from one school to the next. Contact the school to find out what their dress code or school uniform policy is. Some schools require a specific tops and skirts for girls, or trousers and shirts for boys. Others may offer the option to choose between different fabrics and style, but in specific colours. If the school requires a specific uniform, they usually refer you to an affiliated supplier. This makes life easier because you have a one-stop shop where you can get all the items require. If you have the latter option, you may need to shop around to find suitable items. You’ll be pleased to know that most popular kids’ brands do offer a school uniform line. Shopping online can eliminate the hassle of venturing out into the busy malls on the weekends, plus you can usually shop multiple brands through one online outlet, that houses a variety of brands in one convenient place.

How much to buy

You don’t have to get a separate item for each day. About three bottoms and five tops minimum, should do the trick. This will be enough to get your child through the week without having to do too much laundry.

Ways to save

Shopping for school uniforms can get pricey when you have more than one child in the family. Clearance sales are always a great way to save money. This would require planning ahead. Take note of when the store will be having the sale, usually months before school starts. They are making room for new school stock, so if you don’t mind your child wearing last season’s style, you’re sure to find a bargain or two. If you prefer to wait for the new styles, you’ll need to watch out for promotions and/or coupons. Many stores are competing with each other so there is a good chance that you will get a good deal. You just have to look for it.

A final thought

Sometimes it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for at the exact time that you need it. For example, your child may require a red jumper for her uniform, but you can never seem to find a good one when you need it. Try to plan ahead and shop for the red jumper during Christmas time. The shops are full of red jumpers at this time, and you’ll probably get more of a variety, as well as seasonal promotions and savings.
Happy shopping and good luck!

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