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Tips on Back-to-school Fashion by Mini Exchange

If your child’s school does not require them to wear a school uniform, it can be frustrating to have to constantly decide what to wear each day. Also, your child will be wearing their regular clothes more often, which means they get worn out a lot quicker. It can be helpful to create your own uniform. Just like adults have clothes that are specifically for work, so too can kids have a selection of clothing that is only intended for school.

First things first. Even if a school doesn’t require a uniform, they will, most likely, have a dress code. Find out by contacting the school or checking their website.

Most school uniforms for girls consist of either a pinafore, skirt and top, or shorts and top, with some flat, practical shoes, like Mary Janes. For boys, it’s mostly shorts and a shirt with loafers or lace-up smart shoes. In some schools, jumpers and blazers or jackets are also required. For non-uniform schools, the dress code could be a bit more casual.

Back-to-school mix and match

To create your own school uniform, all you need is a few basic fashion items. Try to buy garments that you can easily mix and match. This way, you will get more options from just a few a handful of items. A good collection of school clothes will have two or three base items that go with anything, and a few secondary items that offer a bit of variety.

Back-to-school fashion for girls

For girls, pick out a dress, one or two pairs of shorts, and a couple of skirts, or even skorts (hybrid of a skirt and shorts). Then choose a few tops. These can vary in style and colour to offer a bit of variety. Lastly, two pairs of shoes and now you have a decent collection. You can alternate the different tops with the shorts, skirts, or skorts for each day of the week, and change it up on the last day by wearing the dress.

It’s important to remember to keep it simple. Avoid over-the-top, flashy clothing with frills or embellishments like sequins or beads. Remember that kids are quite active and their fashion needs to be practical, durable, and presentable for school, not a party.

Always ensure that your daughter’s outfit is age-appropriate. It is not advisable to dress them in anything too revealing, or too grown up. Childhood is over in the blink of an eye, so let them dress like kids, while they’re still young. There’s plenty of time to wear more mature outfits when they get older.

Back-to-school fashion for boys

Creating a collection of school clothes for boys is a lot simpler. Pick out a pair of trousers. They don’t need to be formal - cargo pants are suitable. Add a few pairs of shorts, tees and tanks, and a button up shirt for good measure. Lastly, two pairs of shoes to accompany the outfits. Use the bottoms as the base items and alternate the tops.

Another option for both boys and girls is jeans, but you would have to check that it doesn’t violate the school’s dress code. Don’t be afraid to add a jacket or jumper to complete the outfit, although the UAE weather rarely offers an opportunity to wear it.

Now that you have your school clothing collection, see how many variations you get from mixing and matching, then assign different looks for each day of the week and stick to that routine. It will make your life much easier.

Stay tuned for more fashion ideas next month!

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